A little mouse music

Little mouse be careful
Little mouse be careful,
Pussy cat is coming.
Quickly mouse, run away,
Pussy wants a meal today.

Little mouse, little mouse  (Text and music - David Banney)
Little mouse, little mouse, where are you?
Little mouse, little mouse, where are you?
Are you in the larder?
Are you in the barn?
When we are sleeping, what do you do?

About the songs:
Both of these mouse songs are useful in the teaching of fa.  Little mouse be careful is also useful in teaching the elementary rhythms, ta and ti-ti.

About the arrangement:
This arrangement, for two violins, takes the form of a Czech dance called a Dumka, in which fast sections alternate with slow sections. A famous example may be heard in Dvorak's Dumky Trio The slow and fast sections may be thought of as opposing aspects of the drama of the cat chasing the mouse.