Apple Tree/Moon Apples


Apple tree, apple tree, 
Will your apple fall on me? 
I won’t cry and I won’t shout,
If your apple knocks me out. 

About the song:  This children's song is associated with a much-loved circle game, in which an apple is passed from child to child on each beat.

About the arrangement (Moon Apples):  In considering the lyrics it seemed natural to think of Sir Isaac Newton struck on the head by an apple as he sat under a tree (whether that story is fact or fiction!).  I then imagined the same scene set on the moon, where gravity is much lower than here on earth.  The glissandi (slides) in the violins and the slowly drifting harmonies set up a sense of 'low gravity'.  The 'harp' sounds in the opening chords are produced by plucking strings on a grand piano.

apple tree p1