Text:  Button you must wander, wander, wander.
Button you must wander everywhere.
Bright eyes will find you,
Sharp eyes will find you,
Button you must wander everywhere. 

About the song:  This pentatonic song can be sung with a variety of games and activities.  For example, a button may be passed from child to child around the circle.  The 'winner' (i.e. the child with the Button at the end of the song) may be given a task for the next round of the game.  I often use a set of magnetic discs as buttons - the 'winners' retain the discs, which are used in the next activity, which may be a notation task on a whiteboard - the magnetic buttons become note heads.

About the arrangement:  The arrangement begins and ends with a trio of two violins and cello playing a 'searching' motif, which is highly syncopated.  My image was of Button as a bunny, and the motif played by the trio imitates the twitching movements of the bunny's ears and whiskers.  The violins enter with the inversion of the beginning of the melody, before the melody is heard first by a solo singer, and then by the whole choir.

Button p1