Little mouse be careful/A little mouse music

Little mouse be careful,
Pussycat is coming.
Quickly mousie, run away,
Pussy wants a meal today.

About the song:  This is a children's song from Hungary, translated and sung throughout the English-speaking world.  It can be sung with a variety of games that involve cats chasing mice.

About the arrangement:  The arrangement is a duo for two violins, making use of two mouse songs.  The title is a play on the title of Mozart's 'A little night music' (Eine kleine Nachtmusik), though the form of the arrangement is a Dumka - a Czech dance in which slow sections alternate with fast sections.  In this little dumka, slow sections represent the mouse hiding, while fast sections represent the cat chasing the mouse.

Guided listening:  Children may be asked to identify the following features: 1. alternating slow and fast sections; 2. pizzicato (plucking) vs. bowing (pizzicato is played by the second violin at the opening); 3. the appearance of the second song (Little mouse, little mouse, where are you?).  Children may also be asked to create a stoyline for the entire arrangement.

mouse music intro