Poor little kitty puss 

Poor little kitty puss,
Poor little feller,
Poor little kitty puss,
Down in the cellar. 

About the song:  This beautiful, melancholic pentatonic song has several text variants, including one where poor little kitty puss is found dead in the cellar!  This text is distressing for many children, and an alternate text is used here.

About the arrangement:  The arrangement introduces the bass member of the woodwind family - the bassoon.  After a gentle ostinato introduction from the strings, the bassoon enters with the melody.  Children may be asked to identify the entry of the bassoon.  After the bassoon has played the melody, the strings play an interlude - the first violin part is the inversion of the bassoon melody.  The bassoon enters again, playing the melody, before the strings end with an ostinato that is the retrograde of the original ostinato.