(The) Witch Song

Text:  High, high in the sky,
Up there witches fly.
On a broomstick, what a sight,
With a cat as black as night,
Through the air they fly till morning,
Till the early light comes dawning,
High, high in the sky,
Up there witches fly. 

About the song:  This song is used in the Colourstrings curriculum for string teaching.  The melody makes conspicuous use of repeats.

About the arrangement:  In this arrangement the solo violin represents the witch, flying high above the tessitura of the accompanying orchestra.  After a tremolo introduction the solo violin enters with the melody in a polytonal canon with the first violins.  (The solo violin plays in D major, while the firrst violins play in F# major).  Meanwhile an accompaniment is built in the 2nd violins and cellos from the open phrase of the melody, played at half speed.  The arrangement finishes with a Bartok pizzicato from the cellos and basses.