Cockatoo and Dog

Texts:  There are two songs in this arrangement - Cockatoo and Bow, wow, wow.

Cockatoo (Text and music - David Banney)
Cockatoo, cockatoo,
Ka-ka-ka-ka Kakadu.

Bow, wow, wow
Who’s dog art thou?
Little Tommy Tucker’s dog,


About the songs:  Cockatoo imitates the sound of these noisy birds.  'Kakadu' is an Australian aboriginal word for cockatoo. Cockatoo is a useful song in the teaching of the early rhythms ta and ti-ti, and the melodic elements so and mi.  

Bow, wow, wow is associated with a circle game.  It is useful in teaching the ta rest (crotchet or quarter note rest).

About the arrangement:  The arrangement features a number of canons, a compositional device where a melody is sung by a different voices, each starting at a different time (similar to a round).  After a march-like introduction, the voices enter singing Cockatoo in canon.  They are accompanied by the violas and cellos who play there only melody in canon, and the violins who join in the canon of the voices, though starting on different notes.  The result is intended to be a cacophony of cockatoos, which comes to an abrupt end with a dissonant chord from the orchestra.  After a brief pause the choir enters with Bow, wow, wow, also sung in canon.

This video shows Cockatoo performed with bells.