We are dancing/Wolf Dance


We are dancing in the forest,            
While the wolf is far away.  
Who knows what will happen to us,
If he sees us at our play! 

About the song:  The song may be performed as a game, in which the class stands at one end of the room and the 'wolf' stands in the middle.  After the class sings the song through, the class then sings to the wolf, "Wolf, are you there?"  the wolf improvises a reply (e.g. "No I'm brushing my hair") and this is repeated until the wolf sings "Yes, I'm coming to get you."  Now the children must run past the wolf to the other side of the room. The wolf tries to catch someone, and that person becomes the next wolf.

About the arrangement:  In the arrangement the solo violin takes the part of the wolf.  the arrangement takes the form of a Hungarian dance called a csardas.  It opens with an introduction based on the main melody, but set in a minor key.  Next comes a dialogue between solo voices and the solo violin.  The violin's answers become increasingly menacing, and the thord answer leads to a fast section in which the choir is accompanied by the orchestra, with interjections from the solo violin.

wolf dance p3